"helpful… friendly, kind... support has always been there for us.”

- Cameron Karim, Kansas Counselors

"Great support! …14 years… I do not have to wait for support to get back with me."

- Mickey Putnam, Central Professional Credit Service

"Absolutely tremendous ...helped us to grow and to innovate."

- Robert Rossi, Rossi Law Offices

Beyond ARM helps collection agencies succeed in an era of unprecedented legal restraints and technological expectation.

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Beyond ARM is proudly developed in the USA by DAKCS and has been enjoyed by hundreds of collection teams for over 40 years.
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More than a few Reasons to Choose BEYOND ARM.

The top reason companies choose Beyond ARM is to gain superior capability. Switching to Beyond ARM means increased scalability, flexibility, support, automation, customization, enhanced reporting, plus the ability to connect with 3rd party add-ons and partners who care about your success.  
Cost Efficiency
Switching to Beyond ARM allows companies to increase collector proficiency and recovery rates, while reducing or eliminating costs of 3rd party consultants, IT, programmers, and on-site server maintenance.
Beyond ARM boasts a 99.5% uptime on cloud-based servers. Continual server backups and unlimited scalability make Beyond ARM the clear winner.
Beyond ARM is proudly provided by DAKCS Software, which has received SOC 2 attestation. By completing this audit, DAKCS proves dedication to data security and accountability to customers. As with all DAKCS products, Beyond ARM protects your software and valuable data with the highest level of security and compliance measures.
Success Stories

over 200 Installs + 40 years of customer success

Check out what a few of our customers had to say about Beyond ARM and the support from DAKCS:
A collection of solutions for your industry

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) for your industry

Collecting on accounts receivable is something every business needs help with. In industries like healthcare and government, it's a constant effort. Beyond ARM gives A/R teams the tools they need to collect more with less effort.

Designed with essential compliance standards, intelligent automations, the ability to track multiple lines of business, flexible reporting, integrated portals, and so much more, Beyond ARM provides everything your collection team needs.

1st Party Collections

Beyond ARM provides agencies with the tools needed to automate and enhance collection efforts, resulting in reduced collection time and increased revenue.

3rd Party Collections

Beyond ARM provides medical A/R teams with the software needed to automate and accelerate the revenue cycle. It conforms to the ever-changing demands and requirements of collections in the Medical space.

Healthcare + Medical

Beyond ARM is a government-friendly collection system that can conform to regulatory changes. It adapts to your current procedures, enhances your collection efforts, and can decrease overall collection costs.


Beyond ARM is designed with essential compliance standards, intelligent IVR, predictive dialing, a consumer-centric view of delinquent accounts, and solutions for in-house or external legal processes.


From small private law practices to large law firms, Beyond ARM provides powerful document management with tracking for documents, costs, and fees.


Upgrade your accounts receivable process with software that drives results.

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