Beyond is better with Integrations
Integrations and optional add-ons help make Beyond ARM the perfect system for your collection team.
Add-ons by DAKCS
In addition to dozens of 3rd party integrations, DAKCS has actively developed and supported numerous add-on services created specifically for Beyond ARM. Today, Beyond ARM is continually improved and modernized not only through active development, but through a strong and growing variety of useful add-ons.

Client Portal

This flexible platform allows your clients to access collection reports, submit account payments, and add or update account and consumer information.


The original and most-used phone solution for Beyond ARM is 'QwikDial'. No phone system compares in terms of functionality or seamless integration.

Document Signatures

'QwikFlow' allows for the collection of e-signatures with a simple email or text. Payments can also be required with signed documents.

Payment Portal

A completely re-invented payment portal for consumers is coming soon. You'll want to keep your eyes open for this.
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Skip Tracing
Many collection teams rely heavily on skip tracing to connect with consumers. Beyond ARM integrates with four different skip tracing partners.
Call Guidance & Analytics
This incredible integration just became available in 2020. It uses AI to help collectors through the call resulting in increased compliance and greater collection recovery.
Letter Service
Beyond ARM integrates with six different letter vendors. All of them are amazing and have been long-time partners with Beyond ARM.
Dispute Resolution (e-Oscar)
Since 2019, Beyond ARM collection teams have enjoyed the benefits of e-Oscar data syncing. This integration allows responses to be submitted easier and in less time. It provides greater tracking convenience and results in improved compliance.
We believe in giving collection teams the power to succeed in the digital age.
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