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Spoofing & Call Blocking

Resolving those important business matters still require connecting

Conversations are still a vital tool in resolving business matters. Of the over 11.5 billion in debt recovery each year, a large part is directly influenced by phone calls. However, there are several problems challenging Debt Collection companies in their attempt to better communicate with consumers.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in today’s call center environment is that consumers no longer trust incoming calls due to the onslaught of unwanted robocalls, phone number spoofing, and scams. In a recent survey, ACA International discovered that 78% of respondents experience call-blocking and 74% have their calls mislabeled. In addition, 62% reported experiencing a decrease in right-party contacts.

To prevent inadvertent call blocking and spam-mislabeling, companies must ensure that phone numbers used for outbound calls are included in an authoritative list of registered business numbers. As a verified business, companies should also add phone numbers used for inbound calling only — Do-Not-Originate (DNO) numbers — to authoritative blacklists. To help companies manage and assign caller names to all owned phone numbers and mitigate inaccurate call blocking and mislabeling. Here are some information and helpful tips.

To get started is to visit the FCC link here:

Additional resources to help provide some relief for the blocking of valid business calls


TNS: (Sprint)

TMOB (First Orion):



AT&T (Hiya):

HIYA portal

About DAKCS QwikDial

DAKCS QwikDial system has the ability to mitigate the chances of calls being blocked or labeled as spam inappropriately by utilizing STIR/SHAKEN. Using STIR/SHAKEN, the originating carrier queries a secure Identity Authentication Service to obtain a SHAKEN signature that is then embedded in the calls placed using this authenticated number.

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